1. P

    Squeaky Greek :(

    Hello, my baby Greek has started to squeak, at first I thought the worst and assumed RI so rushed him down the vet for a course of antibiotics now I'm not so sure. He only seems to start squeaking after he has eaten (and he does love to eat) I thought he might be chocking at first as he also...
  2. Alex Prolucs

    3 Egyptians, 1 Greek

    Hello! I have got 3 Egyptian tortoises; 2 small-size, 1 medium and 1 Greek medium-sized. My question, Is it safe to put them together? Or do I have to seperate them? Like 3 Egyptians in an enclosure and 1 Greek in another. I can provide pictures if needed.
  3. A

    Greek tort won't eat much

    I've had my Greek tort for close to 13 years now, its turning 16 in a month. I live in Canada, so the weather gets really cold at times, but at the moment it isn't super cold out yet (ranging from 15-20 degrees C). Turtle (my tort's name), has a fairly large enclosure with ReptiBark bedding. The...
  4. devsharkey

    Male Greek Tortoise

    I've had him for almost ten years, but I recently moved into a house with my kid asthmatic autistic brother-in-law, and my asthmatic sister-in-law, and I can't keep him here anymore. He is a wonderful tortoise, he is super active and friendly, he'll eat right out of your hands. He has been to a...
  5. Tried to sneak some parsley in her clovers

    Tried to sneak some parsley in her clovers

    She's still mad at me.
  6. Kaia's guilty pleasure

    Kaia's guilty pleasure

    The bacon equivalent - lettuce. If someone calls tortoises slow, that's because they haven't seen this spur-thighed Greek goddess get a glimpse at lettuce.
  7. So, I heard you're my human now.

    So, I heard you're my human now.

    ... now let's just make some things clear. Meet Kaia, the curious :)
  8. Meet Kaia, the explorer :)

    Meet Kaia, the explorer :)

    My baby Greek tort just getting to know the environment