health problem

  1. J

    Red footed suddenly stopped moving

    Hi, friends! I need a little bit of help with my red footed Juanita. I think one month ago or so she stopped walking around her house. She stopped eating and drinking water for a week. She’s back at her normal eating habits, but so far she doesn’t want to walk. She’s alert to her surrounding...
  2. I

    Large growth on my tourtoise face

    (would just like to preface I am taking my tortoise (Timmy) to the vet tomorrow ) I have had Timmy for around 2 years now and got him off a friend who could no longer take care of him anymore. He has always had slight respiratory problems and sneezed a lot etc but has never had trouble eating...
  3. sowwer

    RE: Emergency

    i have a leopard tortoise that's not older than two years old. I put him in this indoor enclosure with his heat lamp on, sense it's too cold outside. He has complete stop responding to any stimulation. I've had him sense Abril and everything has been fine. I'm so scared he is dead. His legs are...
  4. Grxciea

    gooey bloody poo?

    My 5 year old female greek tortoise has what i can only describe to be a gooey, jelly like bloody substance coming out of her. We’re taking her to the reptile specialist but to calm my nerves does anyone have any idea on what this may be?
  5. royal kareem

    Idk what happened to my red eared slider?

    My Red Eared Slider, 11 months old have Respiratory Infection that affected her nose part and not her lung (per vet says, I have x-ray too). She's consuming her pills and medicine nicely (up to 7 August). However, 3 days after finishing her medicine (10th August) she doesn't eat anymore? I...
  6. frankie_is_the_best

    Eating less, less active.

    I have a 6-8 month old sulcata tortoise. When I first got him, I listened to the misinformation online and kept him dry. A couple months ago, I was told this was incorrect and have changed his enclosure completely. He now has a humid enclosure with the proper lighting, substrate, and soaking...
  7. J

    Please Help!! My tortoise is screaming of pain

    Guys I got my tortoise for a month. yesterday she started screaming i dont know what specie she is. I will send a video pls help. I only gave her lettuce and green plants
  8. C

    help-- scale blocking torts nostril

    my tort has a scale almost growing over his nostril- its causing him to be a bit wheezy and have his mouth open a bit, as you can see in the image. overall he's a happy active tortoise, eating and reacting to things normally. the closet reptile vet to me is an hour away so ideally id like to...
  9. Scollins17

    Tortoise is no longer active

    Hi Everyone I have a 2 year old Marginated tortoise. Has always been very active. I went on vacation for 4 days, came back and the last couple days he wont come out of his shell for anything. Wont bask, eat or drink. I left him a whole head of lettuce and a full dish of water. He ate most of the...
  10. B

    Help Please! My Baby Indian Star is Dying

    Hi Guys, I bought an indian star tortoise 40 days ago. the tortoise is just fine until a couple days ago. Currently he/she is not moving much, not opening eyes and low appetites. I have been feed him mixed vegetables. We located in Orlando Florida, the right temperature is 70F-90F in outdoor...
  11. L

    Hibernation help!

    I have fasted my hermann for 3 weeks now with daily soaks, where he also drinks, he started to poop a couple days ago but never managed to get it all out. I was waiting for him to pass it ready to put him in the fridge today but he still hasn’t had this poop come out. Do I wait another week and...
  12. H

    My tortoise won’t accept nutrients?

    Hello! I have a Hermann’s tortoise that is about 4 years old. I’ve had him for about 9 months and he is my first reptile. He’s been acting kind of strange lately and I don’t know why. It started about a week ago when I noticed he wasn’t eating very much of his food. I got him kale and green...
  13. J

    Sulcata with swollen front leg

    I have a 6 year old sulcata tortise, that's usally a pretty active guy. He usally roams the yard, but now that the weather is getting cooler he's not very happy about staying in his indoor home. I noticed about 2 days ago he wasn't eating as much.. but I thought that might be because we started...
  14. agnes&theo

    acquaintance's tortoise looks bad ... thoughts?

    A recent acquaintance got a Russian tortoise from a pet store on a whim (yeah) two months ago. No idea the age, though not a hatchling. The tortoise has been inside a 50-gallon tank with a UVB and fed romaine, bok choy, and kale (we already had a chat about improving the nutrition). But her...
  15. D

    Baby Sulcata Left Eye Problem

    Hey all! Just got a baby sulcata last Sunday. I took him out in our garden to graze on some grass this morning. He was energetic and loved walking around the place. Now, I noticed that it's left eye is not opening up as well as the right eye after it took a nap. Sometimes the right eye is...
  16. A

    Hermanns Tortoise Impacted - now has protrusion under tail

    We've been managing our impacted hermanns tortoise for going on 2 weeks now. She finally urinated starting 2 days ago, but yesterday we noticed this protrusion under her tail. We've been soaking her frequently and she has a follow up appointment at the vet tomorrow - but what is this and is...
  17. C

    Checking health

    Hey all! I recently became a Russian tortoise mom (about 1 1/2 months ago). When he (Littlefoot) first arrived, he didn’t eat for like almost two weeks. Then he started eating a lot of greens each day. Recently in the last couple days he started being pickier and eating very little compared to...
  18. L

    Possible infection?

    Hi! So I found my desert tortoise upside down in her enclosure 2 days ago over her poop, her shell and head were completely covered in it, I turned her and put her in water and cleaned her with a napkin, still, two days later I am STILL seeing poop all over her, I just put her in water and...
  19. M

    top of russian tortoise head is RED :(

    hi everyone, i would really really appreciate some input ... the top of my russian tortoise's head has turned RED!! i'm really concerned. In terms of behavior, he has been more lethargic and has not been moving very much. lots of sleeping and just staying in the same corner. these past two or so...
  20. B

    Baby Sulcata has a Swollen Cheek

    Hello, this is my first post in here and I am a new owner of a baby sulcata that I bought 2 weeks ago. First noticed he was hiding always in his humid hide just yesterday and "tries" to nibble on the food but he always miss, and tries to eat the air instead. I always soak every day...