1. AjDaVinci


    Hi, we have been struggling with helping our tortoise gain weight for about a year now. We brought him to the vet for critical care, injections, tube feeding etc. We now inject him ourselves twice a week because we have to stop him from hibernating as he is too thin to hibernate. Vet says his...
  2. B

    PLEASE HELP!!! Dehydrated hermann

    Hi all I am so very upset as I have come home to my new hermann tortoise (approx 1. year) on her back under the heat lamp. She has a rock basking area in her enclosure and I think she fell off that. Today is the first day I have left her on her own as I was working. I was out from around...
  3. I

    How to upgrade Hermanns enclosure?

    Hi! It's my first time writing on this forum. I got a Hermanns tortoise yesterday and didn't even know I was getting it, so I couldn't prepare properly. This is what I managed to do with things I already had in my house. The tortoise isn't that old yet, it's about 7cm long. How could I improve...
  4. merape80

    Help with outdoor enclosure and different species (Marginata and Hermanni)

    Hello, I have 3 turtles, 2 Marginatas and 1 Hermanni, they are 6 years old. As babies, I had the 3 together because they told me that they were compatible species. Then I separated them by species when the marginalized began to grow. Always in the terrarium. Now the marginalized are very large...
  5. RatQueen_Irene

    Sadly Rehoming 3 y/o Male Eastern Hermann Tortoise

    With a heavy heart, unfortunately and though I never expected my current situation, I'm searching for a home for my three year old eastern hermann, Kepler, approximately full grown and 5ish inches long in the shell. He has been well cared for, calcium and UVB/sunlight, varied diet of weeds and...
  6. M

    New Hermann Carer - looking for advice and reassurance!

    Hi everyone! New Hermann's owner here looking for some advice. There's so much information online and given at local reptile centres that we've become really confused. We want to make sure he's got the best possible environment and life so I'm hoping you'll be able to help! He's a Hermann's...
  7. kameko

    4 months hatchlings growing too fast? Obese? (with video)

    We have three Western Hermann Tortoises born 4 months ago. This is our first time keeping them from hatchlings. They were born weighing around 0.5oz (15g), and after just 4 months, they have quadrupled and now weigh around 2oz (60g) each, 2.5in (6.5cm) in shell length. Is this within a healthy...
  8. B

    First time owner, tortoise not eating

    We got a Hermann tortoise on Christmas eve from a local exotic pet shop here in the UK. We have a 1.2m x 0.6m tortoise table for it. Since we brought it home in the afternoon it it's barely had anything to eat (some dandelion stems), but has been out walking about and basking a bit. It seems to...
  9. E

    Hello from Alberta Canada

    Fit time owner of Hermanns Tortoise. Just introducing myself. The guy I’m buying is already two years old but I’m afraid he is showing signs of pyramiding. I’m a little intimidated about how to stop it from continuing. Considering I live in Canada I’m assuming the main contributing factor is...
  10. L

    Bouncing back from worming treatments

    Hey, Both torts successfully worm free. My question is how long to let them recover before winding down for hibernation? Younger is still chomping away but older is properly off her food as she knows it's wind down time, feel bad trying to get her to eat everyday 🥺 Lizzie
  11. RatQueen_Irene

    Help Checking Brumation Preparation Procedure Eastern Hermann

    Hello! I'm hoping to double check my plan and research with people familiar with brumation of eastern hermanns and similar. My eastern hermann tortoise Kepler is around a year and four months old, approximately 4.8-5 inches long in the shell, and 462 grams (giving heavier Jackson ratio of...
  12. Kaylahhampton1

    Enclosure Advice (Outdoor)

    Hey everyone! I am the proud owner of an adult Hermann's named James. Currently he lives in a 5 x 2.5 x 1.5 wooden enclosure which I am aware is too small! I have been thoroughly researching but I have zero building experience and unfortunately some of the threads on here are so old the...
  13. M

    Help! I caught my tortoise trying to chew his artificial plant

    Hello I’m new here, I’m Meg and my tortoise who is a Hermann is 2ish, called Darwin. I have a few things…. Firstly I keep catching him try to chew his artificial plants in his tortoise table, he seems to be okay and is eating and drinking fine ect… how long should I be worried for…. Secondly...
  14. victoria.shayne

    1.5 yr old Hermanns—possible issue with shell (rot? Maybe soft?)

    Okay I’m a constant worrier so bear with me, my little one avoids his uvb light (tube light, 24in long) so if we’re being honest he probably doesn’t get as much as he should. I noticed something the day before on his plastron (parallel to my thumb in picture) so I’ve been monitoring things. He’s...
  15. RatQueen_Irene

    Are Ginseng Leaves Safe?

    Hello, I haven't seen this asked previously and ginseng isn't listed on tortoise table or elsewhere, are the leaves tortoise safe? I have several around. They're ginseng ficus retusa. Eastern Hermann tortoise in question:
  16. C

    Hermann NY

    Please message me if interested: 4 y/o male Herman's for a very low price. very healthy and active. I don't have a 2nd enclosure so looking to re-home the lil fella. I am in NYC.
  17. C

    NYC Hermann Trade

    hi - I have a male tortoise that I am willing to trade for another Hermann, preferably a female but open to male also. my male is not getting along with the rest of the group and I don't have space for another enclosure. thanks.
  18. R

    Hermann Tortoise Diet!

    Hello! I wanted to ask, if all ingredients in this product are safe for Hermann Tortoises, as I am a bit concerned about the fish. Thank you
  19. R

    A friend is asking for help!

    Hello! I told a friend of mine about this forum, and they asked me to help identify an issue with one of their two tortoises’ shells. ,,These markings have been there for about a year, and it happened after a few scutes fell off. What could it be? Apologise for the dirt on the tortoise’s shell...
  20. N

    Small pink area on hermann tortoise plastron

    Hi, Yesterday I noticed a small pink area on the side of my hermann tortoises plastron. I noticed after taking her out of a soak. It seemed to go away that evening but is back again this morning. She is eating and is as active as usual. She is also still pooing. I have recently changed the...