indian star tortoise

  1. ManAlive85

    RI or sinus problems?

    I’ve kept a growing collection of Indian Stars for the last three years. The oldest is a male I’ve had since he was a 30g hatchling, he now weighs over 800g. He eats everything in sight and is very active. I follow the advice prescribed on this forum quite closely in terms of habitat and...
  2. I

    **URGENT** Sleeps all the time, poor appetite

    its currently summer here with average temperatures over 30 C (80% humidity) and my tort used to eat properly in winter and somehow, since it transitioned from winter to summer, my indian star tort has been sleeping most of the time and very little physical activity and eats food very rarely...
  3. A

    Enclosure help

    Hi there Im trying to do my research on ab India star and I'm wondering what is best a viv or a table top! Myself as a zoo keeper is thinking viv as they need high humidity but suggestions are welcome!! Thank you!
  4. V

    Tortoise stuck in shell

    Guys, i have indian star tortoise It have been gone inside shell and +36 hours haven't come out of shell (due to some thing fall on it)(no shell no cracks. I think he might be afraid) He it not comming out of shell but walking Eyes are little swelling What to do now. How to treat And how to...
  5. P

    Indian star Tortoise's teeth got brownish

    From last one month Indian star tortoise's teeth got brown colored. It don't have any problems he eats normally as he was eating before just because of his tooth colour changed we are concerned. Here I'm sharing it's photo.
  6. gregcalverley0327

    Hollywood’s new home!!

    Finally was able to build my 7 month old Indian star a new setup, not completely finished as I’m still waiting for some plants for him but so far so good, temps are all perfect and he seems to be loving it, besides pooping in it 2 seconds after I put him in there lol
  7. gregcalverley0327

    New baby Indian star, Hollywood!

    Hey everyone just wanted to show my new baby star tortoise, roughly 5 months old. Not sure on the sex but very excited to own a star tortoise, the name is Hollywood of course
  8. 1 year old cherry ?

    1 year old cherry ?

    She is Indian star tortoise I got her when she was 5 months old and this is a picture of her when she was 5 months old ....
  9. A

    4 months still wet nose ?

    He is spike Less than 1 year Old baby Indian star tortoise, he has wet nose since 4 months now. His nose was completely blocked by mucus at the start of this sickness, then I decided to increase the enclosure temperature at 95 to 100°f..... Now his nose is not blocked by mucus but watery...
  10. bloodyapa

    Possible RI? 2 month old Indian star baby

    I recently got this little guy from a local breeder. He eats his food and goes back to his hide daily. however, I noticed he has watery nose and sometimes a bubble or two from the nose and he opens his mouth sometimes to breath. 88 humidity 85 heat 98 basking I have the enclosure closed for...
  11. Aaru.

    My indian star

    Hi guys this is Aaru. He's an indian star. Here's a cute pic of him.
  12. A

    Indian star tortoise not active

    Hii, I got 6 year old male star tortoise a month back from a friend who was no longer able to take care of.. from last 2-3 days he is not being much active he just sits n rarely walks... When i got him he used to walk non stop. He is eating well (hibiscus flowers & leaf, lady finger, cucumber...
  13. P

    Indian star tortoise 5years old male

    I want to give my indian star 5years old healthy & active tortoise eats bean, baby corn, coriander, tometo, cucumbers if any one interested will take good care good home then can contact me giving because shifting abroad in mumbai india. Email me [email protected]
  14. Mandavi

    Indian Star Tortoise not eating for months now

    Hello, I have an Indian Star Tortoise. I had it roughly 1.5 years back and ever since the onset of the winters last year, he has stopped eating and pooping completely. I take every measure. Basking lights, warm water bath. Nothing seemed to help. Just today, he pooped very little and that's...
  15. Speedyandy

    Hello! I am so glad to find this forum. :)

    Hi TortoiseForum, I am Andy, and my little buddy Speedy is an Indian star tortosie. He's been with us for over fourteen years now. This is just sharing a little about him. He is an active little fellow but throws a lot of tantrums at times. Sharing a few pictures of him. Questions that I have...
  16. M

    Tortoise stone?

    My nine year old Indian Star Tortoise seems to have passed some kind of stone... pictures attached. Any ideas?
  17. 4E62C431-B8FA-4CA4-895C-AFE263111505.jpeg


    A nonchalant Joni pretending she wasn’t trying to buy tat off eBay again.
  18. Time in the Shade

    Time in the Shade

    Our Burmese Star, Rainbow, just passed 600 grams. Enjoying time in the shade.
  19. Dinner time

    Dinner time

    My Indian star having some din
  20. Texas Scott

    Life after death - Preserve a shell

    Sadly, my Male Indian Star Tortoise Nostradamus, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. I was pretty upset and dumbfounded but I knew I wanted to preserve his shell. I posted on one of the local facebook groups asking for someone who could do this and was luckily enough to meet a man named Ryan...