indoor enclosure

  1. incognet

    8*4 enclosure lighting

    We're in the process of buying lights for my new Aldabra enclosure. Arcadia LumenIZE is a good (though expensive) product line; I wish it had been available for my Boxie's stock tank (JUN 2023). Little Aldabra's enclosure will be slightly larger (96" x 48" x 48") and require more lighting...
  2. Xyelem

    Lighting + design ideas for a 4’x8’ indoor Russian tortoise enclosure

    Hi y’all, there’s some backstory here that I feel compelled to share, but if you just want to get to meat of it, skip to the second paragraph, lol. So I’m not really sure where to start here, but I have a 12 year old female Russian tortoise named Pepper. My partner got Pepper for my step...
  3. D

    Indoor Russian tortoise enclosure help

    Hi guys, I’m picking up a Russian tortoise as soon as I’ve finished building the enclosure. He’s a rescue and approximately 6-9 years old. I’ve read a fair bit but was hoping for some ideas. I’m thinking of putting his basking spot up in the top right corner. He has an open hide under the log to...
  4. G

    nursing tortoises who want to sleep

    About four weeks ago I adopted two desert tortoises from a tortoise rescue. At the time they had bubbly noses and were not yet hibernating, but very sleepy and slowed down. On the advice of the rescue, I've kept them warm and awake in an indoor enclosure with uvb/heat lamps and some sunny...
  5. EmW

    Keeping my marginated tortoise indoors for the winter

    Firstly, thank you in advance for reading my post, I know it's long! Just a bit of background before I ask my questions. My family has had our marginated girl, Nelly, for about 44 years and she was fully grown when they got her. She was given to my mum when she was a young child so Nelly is...
  6. A

    Looking for inspiration for a larger indoor inclosure

    Hello there, new member here. I’m currently in the process of designing and building larger indoor enclosures for my 1 year red foot and 3 year Russian now that I have moved into a larger home. I would love to see some pictures of your builds for inspiration. Would especially enjoy any...
  7. littledudesmama143

    Is this sleeping position normal? **also new tortoise mom, so any tips/suggestions welcomed!!

    Hello fellow sulcata tortoise owners 🐢 This may be a very repeated question, but i NEED to know. I've been losing sleep because of it!! I recently became a new tortoise owner after this cute little dude kind of just fell into my lap and I've been loving every second of it. Well, almost every...
  8. S

    PVC enclosure: to build or to buy?

    Hi all! I have a roughly 2 1/2 year old redfoot that I am planning on upgrading to a bigger and hopefully long-term enclosure. I really love the look and longevity of the PVC enclosures but know the material itself is quite expensive. For those of you that have tried building one, is it worth...
  9. Booty


    Svenya's getting her bell bottoms.
  10. A

    Humidity help please

    This is Jennifer! What Fogger do y’all recommend for an indoor enclosure for our cherry head tortoise? We have got the temps almost perfected but we are struggling with humidity staying right without us spraying the enclosure 3x a day. Any suggestion on a automatic Fogger/mister would be...
  11. 50A0B6CA-1BC1-4BF0-8361-89FEC37BF6E2.jpeg


    I hung a crystal in Dozer’s bedroom window. When the sun goes down and hits it just right, it casts a bunch of prisms inside of his enclosure. The bright colors catch his eye, then walks around trying to bite all the little rainbows. 🌈 🐢
  12. N

    Update on my little Sully

    I have him for about 6 months already. I'm not sure what is his age when he arrived. Here I'll post a picture of him when he first arrive and him now! I was wondering if his growth is usual or he is growing a tad bit slow. His substrate are a mixture of soil, sand, and coco coir about 2" high...
  13. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    Plants for indoor marginated tortoise habitat

    I’m looking for some plants and shrubs that will best mimic a marginated tortoises natural habitat.
  14. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    Custom Tortoise Table For Sale?

    I’m looking for a 2x6-8ft indoor tortoise table with legs. I own two 6in marginated tortoises. I would like to keep them outside but have a lot of raccoons, coyotes, and predatory birds. This is the best I can do for now.
  15. O

    Yellowfoot indoor enclosure

    To my fellow Yellowfoot owners, I was wondering if some of you could share pictures/details about your indoor enclosures. I’ve been researching Yellowfoot enclosures and I’ve been finding inconsistent results. I have a nice large outdoor space for my Yellowfoot but I live in Northeast Ohio so...
  16. texastort17

    Temporary indoor enclosure

    Hi, all! I know it’s a little early to be worrying about winter time, but I like to be prepared. I’ve posted here once before, but basically I inherited the family russian tortoise from my dad this past spring. She’s about 15 years old (probably older, but that’s how long he’s had her) and...
  17. K

    New plants - scared baby tort?

    Hi! I hope you're all well! I recently added new plastic plants in my 11 month old Leopard tortoise's indoor enclosure to create new shady hiding spots. But I noticed that Lightning hasn't moved from the doorway of the hide for the two hours. Lightning is usually a busy little climber but I'm...
  18. ArmadilloPup

    Budget mansion (winter home for temperate baby)

    Hello, friends! Everyone here is always posting their beautiful carpentry skills. Here's what I can do! ?‍♀️ I miscounted panels, the foil will eventually be replaced. Foil works in a pinch, but it takes longer for temps to climb back up if you open it up All electronics secured with...
  19. A

    Tortoise Enclosure Feedback

    Hey! My brother has recently bought his first tortiose; a 2 year old Hermann's tortoise, and is looking for feeback on his enclosure. We have a UVB light and reflector above the mesh at the top of the enclosure, and a 100W ceramic bulb for heat. Although we plan to get a radar thermometer, the...
  20. uberlou

    Advice for upgraded indoor enclosure

    Hello, I've been an intense lurker and reader for the last month and have been trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can, since this has seemed like the best resource. Some quick background on Tannie the Tort: He’s a juvenile sulcata we took in from some close friends over the summer. I...