indoor enclosure

  1. texastort17

    Temporary indoor enclosure

    Hi, all! I know it’s a little early to be worrying about winter time, but I like to be prepared. I’ve posted here once before, but basically I inherited the family russian tortoise from my dad this past spring. She’s about 15 years old (probably older, but that’s how long he’s had her) and...
  2. K

    New plants - scared baby tort?

    Hi! I hope you're all well! I recently added new plastic plants in my 11 month old Leopard tortoise's indoor enclosure to create new shady hiding spots. But I noticed that Lightning hasn't moved from the doorway of the hide for the two hours. Lightning is usually a busy little climber but I'm...
  3. Armadillogroomer

    Budget mansion (winter home for temperate baby)

    Hello, friends! Everyone here is always posting their beautiful carpentry skills. Here's what I can do! ?‍♀️ I miscounted panels, the foil will eventually be replaced. Foil works in a pinch, but it takes longer for temps to climb back up if you open it up All electronics secured with...
  4. A

    Tortoise Enclosure Feedback

    Hey! My brother has recently bought his first tortiose; a 2 year old Hermann's tortoise, and is looking for feeback on his enclosure. We have a UVB light and reflector above the mesh at the top of the enclosure, and a 100W ceramic bulb for heat. Although we plan to get a radar thermometer, the...
  5. uberlou

    Advice for upgraded indoor enclosure

    Hello, I've been an intense lurker and reader for the last month and have been trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can, since this has seemed like the best resource. Some quick background on Tannie the Tort: He’s a juvenile sulcata we took in from some close friends over the summer. I...
  6. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    Can I sex my tortoises?

    Hi I have two marginated tortoises, they are both 3 years old and about 5-6 inches long. Can I sex them? If so here are some pics. Thanks!
  7. BonBonSammy.jpeg


  8. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    What substrate should I use for my Marginated Tortoises?

    Hi I have two marginated tortoises and was wondering what substrate I should use that‘s as close to the soil in their native habitat. Thanks!
  9. D

    Creating A Big Enough Enclosure?

    I plan on making my Russian tortoise's indoor enclosure as a 7x2.5 size (a bit awkward but fits in the room); aside from this he has an outdoor enclosure aswell. I know a lot of people strongly suggest an 8x4 enclosure for an adult; so I was wondering if instead of expanding it I could add a...
  10. Ruszian Tortoise

    Is Sharpie OK?

    Hi all! I wanted to decorate the outside of my indoor wooden enclosure. Is Sharpie okay? No toxic fumes? Thanks
  11. victoria.shayne

    Bo's New Table Setup !

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns PLEASE bring them up! Size is 2'x4'
  12. F

    Desperate to find help on my Greek after YEARS of false information

    Hi guys! So I am new to this, but recently was introduced to this site, and after looking through many posts I'm hoping I am able to get the help I need before my head explodes from being beyond overwhelmed. So to start off, I got my greek from someone I had gone to middle school with. This...
  13. T

    Substrate humidity

    I’m building an indoor greenhouse enclosure and was just wondering how y’all keep the humidity up in the greenhouse while keeping the top layer of substrate dry and underneath wet? Will I just need very deep substrate ? I’m using coco coir
  14. J

    Russian Tortoise Hibernation

    Hello, I've had my Russian for two years. Around 2 months ago, he decided to hibernate. He did the normal fasting for a few weeks (I noticed he wasn't eating his lettuce) and then burrowed deep into his hide. The problem is that he's in an indoor enclosure in my upstairs office. It never gets...
  15. T

    Greenhouse cover for indoor enclosure

    I have found this greenhouse cover and was wondering if it would be effective in holding heat and humidity in my tortoise table? Also can anyone confirm it would be safe to use with my CHE as I don’t want to burn my house down lol
  16. B

    Plants for shallow indoor enclosure

    I was wondering if there’s any plants I could use for a pretty short indoor Russians tortoise enclosure. There’s about 9’ of headroom between the substrate and the top, which has a wire ceiling.
  17. amberlypage

    EBT Enclosure Connecting Plastic Tubs

    Hi everyone! I just adopted my first eastern box, and I want to build him a larger indoor enclosure. I was thinking of connecting two 36" long x 17" wide x 14" deep plastic containers longways (so it would be about 70" long total). I have been people connect them with a tunnel or by...
  18. TheWaveCarver

    Cherryhead Tortoise Indoor Greenhouse

  19. Meaghan4

    Would this be okay for an indoor Redfoot tortoise enclosure?

    This portable, solid wooden greenhouse is perfect for extending your growing season and protecting your plants. Flowers in it can enjoy sunbathing and grow healthy in cloudy, in snowy or in other conditions. Feature with solid fir wood frame, the greenhouse is durable and sturdy. Perfect size...
  20. B

    Closed Chamber Enclosure for Hermann's Tortoise

    Hello, I'm researching/preparing to get my first Hermann's Tortoise. I'm looking for advice on an indoor enclosure. After doing much research, I'd like to go with the closed chamber/high humidity at least for the first year or so. I really want something that is aesthetically pleasing, as it...