red eared slider

  1. randy1738

    White spots on shell

    Hello everyone! I recently adopted a 3 year old red eared slider. I noticed she had some small white spots on her shell about a month ago. I started giving her more time outside of the tank and they seemed to start going away. Although, one of the spots on her shell has gotten huge in a very...
  2. S

    Red-eared slider to give

    Hello! I have a red-eared slider which is about 2 inches long. I bought it from in February 2021. It has been active and healthy, a bit shy around people but doing well. After being pregnant recently, my family no longer supported me in keeping the turtle. I'm...
  3. J

    turtle with runny poop and other issues :(

    hello im new to this forum and i just made this account because i have a question on what to do . my turtle has never had this type of poop before, its like a mixture of diarreah and solid poop, I was doing homework when I noticed he was acting strange and he had poopd all over his blanket. Hes...
  4. N

    Red Eared Slider named Jerri-LOS ANGELES

    She’s large, six inches long, she’s very healthy and beautiful, and in need of a home. Jerri is kind and intelligent, and friendly unless provoked. She resides in Los Angeles, California and I will only give her to people willing to take the time and love to take care of her. she comes with a...
  5. H


    Hi! I have raised 2 Red Eared Sliders and am looking for a home for them. They are amazing little turtles, (Pago & Kuba), and are about 2 years old. We have a nice setup for them, and they are very active. Usually let them roam freely around the house every other day or so. They also come to me...
  6. Redeared_Kingking

    HELP! Turtle head twitching!!! :(

    Hello everyone, this is my first time seeking help from forum. My red eared turtle has been found her head twitching these days, with the paws scratching her eyes. She has normal and clear eyes, stable and unchanged eating diet norm. What can I do to help?? Tysm!!!!
  7. S

    Help! What is wrong my turtles shell?

    recently rescued a red eared slider and while wet the shell looks ok but when out of water and dried it gets very white around the edges of the scutes. I own another ReS and ive never seen this before? what could it be and how can I fix it? edit: I feel like i should also add that the turtle...
  8. A

    Looking for Indian Star tortoise & red eared slider in mumbai..

    Looking for Indian Star tortoise & red eared slider in mumbai... Any breeders here? Pls reply
  9. K

    Too Cold for Red Eared Slider in LA?

    Hi! I have a Red Eared Slider and recently I purchased a 150 gallon stock tank and put it outside. Currently in LA, it is 60-70s during the day and 40-50s during the night. Is this too cold for my turtle or should I get a heater? Thanks!
  10. T

    EGG MADNESS? Red Eared Slider eggs for free? No way? Way:)

    LOCAL PICK UP ONLY IN VAN NUYS CALIFORNIA yes, you read this right, i have i think at least three eggs of red eared sliders, laid i think sometimes in June? blah, memory:) anyway, i peeked on them, the top one was crazy heavy, so they are fertile, at least some, anyhow, I will not ship because...
  11. P

    Help please! Turtle peeling very thin white materials

    Hi guys, I rescued this red-eared slider 2 weeks ago from a bus-stop, with no rivers or ponds nearby. I've been feeding it turtle food and it's very healthy. I don't know its age but it's neither too small nor too big, the size of its shell from the head to the back is approx. 9.5cm. Last week...