russian tortiose

  1. margosha

    Any Decor Suggestions?

    Well, every time I think I have everything set up right and can relax, something inevitably goes awry haha. Yesterday I discovered mold on a grapevine branch that I had in my enclosure. I threw it out, but I really liked the look of it and my little dude loved climbing all over and under it, so...
  2. Rings? Help!

    Rings? Help!

    Small white rings on all of my tortoises.. And they are all over the shell!!
  3. margosha

    Worried new mom here!

    Hi everyone! I’ve posted a few times on this site already, but it looks like I’ll be sticking around, so I wanted to properly introduce myself and my little Russian Tortoise! My name is Margo and I'm a (very) new tort mom... and I'm freaking out about it a little. So, everyone from my roommate...
  4. margosha

    Baby sleeping too much??

    Hi all! I'm still new to the forum, but I have posted a few threads and have received very helpful responses! So I'm hoping I can get more advice on another concern I have. I got my baby RT about a month ago, and from the beginning, he has been sleeping a lot. I know that babies sleep a ton...
  5. margosha

    Gritty Urates.. is it my fault?

    Sorry in advance for the length! I've had my baby Russian tortoise for about a month (he's about 6 months old), and for the past few days he's been passing fairly gritty urates. And today, he seemed to strain for a few minutes before passing a pretty large chunk of gritty ones. Afterwards...
  6. Food Competition!!

    Food Competition!!

    You guys fight.. meanwhile I devour the lettuce..
  7. margosha

    ZooMed T8 10.0 Tube Lighting Question

    I am currently using the ZooMed 10.0 T8 18" tube light for my baby Russian tortoise's enclosure. It is about 15" away from him, which is as close as I can get due to the size of the tank. Is that an ok distance or too far? Would a reflector help if it's too far? Thanks!
  8. Angryscientist

    Hi! Greenie here! :D

    Hello! I'm a recently graduated zoologist. I bought two 1.5 yo Russian tortoises.. They are Shelly and Turbo. After a few days, I adopted another tortoise from a kid.. It's a bit older (don't know it's exact age). It's name is Oogway. It has a little nail polish and glitter on it too. I'm trying...
  9. Squirtle's mom

    Russian Diet??

    Ive had my russian for a little over three years, Ive been under the impression that most types of leafy greens are the way to go but recently he's had some problems that are probably linked to too much calcium/his diet. The vet suggested i move to a spring mix but other sources say to avoid...
  10. Hey, wait for me!!

    Hey, wait for me!!

    The Doctor was here!!
  11. Russian_Rupert

    Please tell me Rupert is okay!?

    Hi all, I'm new to the tortoise scene but I'm loving being a tortoise mummy. When I bought Rupert, I was told he was born in the back end of 2016 early 2017 which would make him at least a year old. He sleeps ALOT and he really doesn't eat all that much, maybe a few bits of leaves. Also when...
  12. Tino the Tortoise

    Planning 'tortoise-tight' (!) outdoor enclosure

    So I am planning on making Tino her first outdoor enclosure this Summer and was looking for some advice/tips. She's a ten year old Russian tortoise and has had to live inside up until now because of my inability to stay in one place long enough to build a suitable outdoor enclosure! I now have...
  13. tcjones

    Question about New Russian Tortoise hiding

    Hello, I'm a long time lurker, first time posting. We brought our little Russian Tortoise home on Thursday night. The first thing he did was head straight to the basking rock and warm up. Then he headed to the back corner on the hot side and buried himself in the substrate. where he stayed...
  14. B

    Quick question on Russian torts

    I've heard that Russian torts can climb gates, edges, etc.? (I'm new to turtle owning) Is climbing a natural thing? or are they just adventurous? is it a sign that they need a bigger enclosure? ( it doesn't have to be just Russians, just any turtle/tortoise in general :) )
  15. Damkri

    Minimum age for Russian Tortoise to hibernate

    Hi what's the minimum age I should hibernate my tortoise? If so, how long for and when in the year? Is it necessary to hibernate my Tortoise. I'm not planning for her to have babies.
  16. Lucky The Tortoise

    What to do about ant infestation?

    So, I accidentally spilled some water in Lucky's bedding, when I saw a huge swarm of ants come running out of the wet substrate. The nest is right where he eats, and I don't want the ants stealing his food or scaring him (he doesn't want to come out of his burrow.) My mom started setting out...
  17. Cscui

    Sick russian on antibiotic

    Hello. Cocoa, my male young adult RT got sick this week after coming out of hibernation, he stayed Oct17-Mar18. I was afraid he was gonna be weak after a long hibernation so I set myself to find him for 2 days (as he moved from where I knew he was) and actually he found me! I was very happy to...
  18. Damkri

    Can I keep the soil moist? Russian tort

    Hi I have a large enclosure for my 2 year old, built it with wood, has open top, and many interactive things to do. The vet said "to get the shell smooth, around edges so they're not sharp, and to get rid of the dry skin around her neck, she needs to dig deeper with children sand mixed with top...
  19. Schildlkröte

    Cool-Side Temp for Russians vs. Hermann's?

    I have never had a tortoise before and am really appreciating the depth of experience on this forum, including and especially the Beginner's Mistakes. I am debating whether to go for a Russian or a Hermann's tortoise at a fair this weekend. I live in Minnesota, so the tortoise will need to be...
  20. H

    New member and new tortoise owner

    Hello, and thanks for the invite. I'm a new tortoise owner and have never had one before so may need some advice from all of you. Recently was given 2 Russian tortoise, 1 male 1 female and 3 Redfoot tortoise , 1 male 2 female. I am currently in the process of building outdoor enclosures for...