sulcata adult

  1. F

    Is this normal?

    Hi everyone, I have a mature sulcata tortoise (not sure of his exact age) and this summer he’s been obsessively trying to find thing to hump. He did start becoming more sexually active last summer but much more so this year…. He’s actually flipped himself over a couple times trying to get on...
  2. J

    Sulcata Help - Is he okay?

    I posted a few weeks ago about how to bathe a large sulcata (though I was informed 40lbs isn't large) for the first time. I had taken my sulcata to the vet for what sounded like a stuffy nose and she said I needed to move him indoors, and bathe him everyday. She prescribed him an antibiotic for...
  3. A

    Undersized Sulcata Moving Outdoors

    Hello, I have what I have been told is a 10 year old (confirmed) African Sulcata that is only about 7 inches long. I inherited her from a family member who kept her in a 40 gallon tank (she can see out of it, which I have heard is stressful), with a red heat lamp and fed her mostly romaine...
  4. D

    Looking for a Sulcata located in kern county

    I want to adopt a sulcata have been working on the enclousure and have a big yard im located in kern county please message me
  5. V

    Need a temporary home for my sulcata NY or very close

    Hey everyone, Apartment life has finally proven to be too much for us after so many years and we are looking to buy a house with a backyard for my sulcata. In the meantime, we need to sell this apartment and find a house. I would like him to spend time in a safe home while we market the...
  6. Anna Westphal

    How to help a sullen Sully be happy...

    Hey everyone. I hope this isn't too long of a post, but I am in need of moral support. I obtained my Sulcata tortoise August of last year. I consider it sort of a rescue, although I paid for her. I had stopped by my local pet store to say hello to my friend who owns it and saw her living in a...
  7. V

    Sulcata Algae

    Hi Everyone! My beautiful female sulcata loves to spend a lot of time in the pond and she’s started to turn green! ? Even though it looks pretty cool I wanted to make sure it’s not harmful for her or can cause any problems! Thank you
  8. E

    Damage to shell

    Hello, Noticed some damage to the underside of my 40lb Sulcata the other day. Can I treat it? If I can, with what? Thanks.
  9. F

    Herc the sulcata !!

    Newbie Here !! Franklin Hercules The Third. (The kids named him lol) We call him Herc ! He was given to me through a friend (the guy who had him could no longer keep him) ive had him with me for three years now ! A beautiful estimated 90lb (Hes HEAVY) Sulcata. Hes about 9 years old if the info...
  10. V

    Sulcata Egg bound?

    Hi, this is the poo of my female sulcata. She was supposed to lay around January but hasn’t showed any signs and is spending a lot of time in the water. Do you think this is egg yolk in her poo. Any ideas on what I should do?
  11. Kadels

    Weed ID - safe for Sulcata?

    I just moved to Arizona and know NONE of the plants here. This has sprung up in my yard over the past few weeks. Chuck Norris the Tortoise will arrive early next week, and I need to know if this is OK for her to eat, or if I need to get rid of it ASAP. Thanks!
  12. V

    50/60 year old female

    Hi Guys, So I’ve had this female Sulcata for nearly 15 years and she’s around 50 or 60 years old best guess. She was living alone for the majority of her life and 2 years ago I introduced two young males (around 12-15 years old). They immediately showed interest and that same year she laid 6...
  13. Kittychu

    Sulcata Brumating? Or just not eating?

    I have a 12 year old Male Sulcata I've raised from a baby. This November, I moved out from a stressful living situation. My new room is an attic room, and its typically colder in the winter than the last couple places I've lived. Since we moved, my tortoise has not been eating. It's been a month...
  14. C

    Overwintering Large Sulcata

    Hello, I’ve been lurking on this forum for the last few months and been trying to take everyone’s advice into consideration but now I need some more specific help. This past fall I adopted/rescued a large Sulcata that had been found walking down the side of the highway. His owners could not be...
  15. Shadowbunnys

    sulcata housing ideas/ worried about eggs

    so i have an about 6-7 year old sulcata. Im pretty sure she is female and im super worried about her producing eggs and them getting stuck or something. shes curently in a nice pen in my basement with plenty of heat and uvb and this is just for the winter as i live in ohio (she gets a really big...
  16. Ashlyn Eastus

    Devastated friend

    My good friend who retired a year ago from 35 years of being an English teacher, lost her beloved 6 year old Sulcata to a rare disease. She has a ranch with an enclosure that would put any one else’s to shame! She spent lots of time with him and truly cares about the animals she surrounds...
  17. Aurum0

    How to keep an adult sulcata indoors?

    Hi there. I have an adult sulcata... 7 years old, and I want to keep him inside. I plan to let him roam the house, specifically the large kitchen or my room. I live in Florida, and what I do with my other turtles/tortoises is let them eat and bask in the sun for a couple hours, then bring them...
  18. C_P808

    Bolted lettuce?

    My neighbor has a hydroponic garden, and they have bolted romaine lettuce. They don't want it because according to Google, the leaves are a bit bitter compared to regular romaine. So they asked if we want it for our Sulcata. Anyone know if it's okay for them eat it?
  19. A

    Large Healthy Sulcata Looking For A New Home

    Hello Everyone! We have a large, healthy, male Sulcata Tortoise looking for a new home. We have owned him since birth and would love to keep him, but unfortunately we do not have the space to accommodate this growing guy in the winter. I have included a number of pictures as well as some...
  20. E

    Cracking in shell

    Hello, I’ve had my Sulcatas Tortoise for a couple years now. We got him from a previous owner so he was a decent size to begin with but he’s pushing 40lbs now and recently I’ve noticed some cracking in the shell. Is this a concern? How should I treat it?