A very temporary one


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Dec 17, 2020
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So, all I want to ask if something is horribly wrong and needs to be removed immediately or something I forgot.

So because its lockdown time I cant order custom sawed wood and the tools I have at home is very crude and cant be used so all I can do is something like this. (I thought I could but no, corona is such a.....)

I am getting a few months old (born in late augustus 2020) hermanni tortoise. So do tell me what can be temporarily improved or removed.

-50 W basking lamp on 40 cm distance
-getting a 12% UVB tube SOON
-the bedding is repti-bark (may be a little big in my opinion)
- the box is around 37 cm to 50 cm (feels like giving your dog a carton box to sleep in)
- fake plant
-water and food dish will be provided, still searching in home for a bowl
-that white thing is a cuttlebone
-! AGAIN, this is very temporary until lockdown is gone so I can immediately built him a large DIY wood enclosure.

Ty in advance (first time owning a reptile/tortoise)

Also, I personally am still searching for a better sleeping place then my graphic calculator carton box thing but if I cant find one then this is the best.



Jan 26, 2021
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Manassas Virginia
Another option would be one of those christmas tree boxes as they are relatively cheap and much longer. The calculator box is also a hazard as the tort may try nibbling on it. You could get a clay pot to either cut in half or bury it half way to provide a shelter.


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Jul 8, 2017
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You've done quite well with your list.

Could you get an incandescent flood bulb? Not spot...flood. The 50 watt you get at the pet store is a spot bulb that concentrates the light/heat into a narrow beam. This tends to dessicate the carapace. An incandescent bulb spreads the light/heat out into a larger area. If you can't get a flood bulb, get the highest wattage bulb you can get. Incandescent...not LED. It needs to produce light and heat. A hardware store would be your best place to look.

It would be best if you cover the entire box, lights, all of it with a sheet of clear plastic, like a shower curtain liner. With an open top, it will be almost impossible to achieve and maintain proper heat and humidity.

You've probably read this, but here is the care sheet for Hermann's. Read it and come back with any questions or concerns. We'll help you figure everything out.