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Aug 3, 2011
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San Diego
I was going thru my photos and decided to post pics of my new 480 gallon pond (4x8)that we built a few months ago.
It houses my 13yr slider, 2 goldfish that my kids won at the fair 2yrs ago and a new baby calico colored koi.

First Day
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Lots of bolts! I swear they were the most expensive thing we bought!
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Nosey dogs
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Making progress
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Lots of pre drilling and squaring up
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Added support
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Working into the night
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Then we added insulation board and plastic over that so when we added sand it wouldn’t spill out when it rained.
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Added the liner which was very time consuming and isn’t perfect but we did fold the corners like some YouTube video showed me. I practiced with wax paper and a shoe box.
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IMG 4436

Then we cut a notch out in one corner for cords and a pvc pipe as over flow drain. It worked pretty good with all the rain we got in San Diego this spring!
IMG 4447 IMG 4538

Capped it
IMG 4518

We found an old eater pump on the property when we moved in so we tried to clean the inside because it was rusty and corroded so we put aquarium hose thru so the water didn’t touch it but we had to buy some adapter thing to fit on the pump hose and aquarium hose.
IMG 4535
IMG 4539
IMG 4544 IMG 4545

It works!!!
IMG 4556

I added a resin patio table I wasn’t using and the turtle ramp that I have used for about 10yrs.
IMG 5196
IMG 5249

I just added a Pondair2 to help aerate and move water around on the far end. I love the bubbles and so do the fish and turtle.
IMG 5874
IMG 5885

I added pond plants but everyone devoured them! [emoji51]
IMG 5203 IMG 4588 IMG 5941 IMG 5420

My grandson enjoying it!
IMG 4581

Two days of hard work paid off thanks to my husband!!
IMG 4563

There’s a few things I’ll add later.
I want some hides and branches for them.

Stay tuned for our next project starting Monday! It’ll be in the tort enclosure section!![emoji217]


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Aug 15, 2008
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'those goldfish you win at the carnivals live forever


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Aug 3, 2011
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San Diego
So you couldn’t view my first set of pics?
I’ll try to add them.


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May 24, 2022
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United kingdom
Hello. We are working on a design for a remodeling lakefront home that slopes toward the lake.

The best available place to put my koi pond is on a sloped part of the property. I'm envisioning a pond that starts at ground level up hill and is contained by a wall downhill. I can't figure out how to accomplish this. I've tried using retaining walls, but they just don't reach high enough.

I'm sure there is a way to do this, but I am not experienced enough with terrains to figure this out. Help would be greatly appreciated!