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Feb 17, 2021
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Hello! I have a roughly 4 month old leopard hatchling that I have recently moved into a new closed chamber enclosure. Previously I was using a makeshift plastic tub while waiting for the closed chamber to ship. Now that I have it somewhat setup, I would love to hear some advice and or feedback on how to tweak it to make it perfect for my tiny Valentine.
The enclosure is 5x2x2. I am using a combination of additive free topsoil, EcoEarth, and playground sand as substrate. I have added some spots of cypress mulch and sphagnum moss in the hide and a couple corners. Mainly the moss in the corners was just to give a bit of variety and decoration.
I currently have a 10.0 UVB strip running most of the length and then a 65 watt incandescent flood for heat and basking. The UVB is on a timer for 12 hours a day. The current ambient temp of the enclosure is 81F and my basking spot is reaching about 90-92F. According to the Zoo Med temperature humidity gauge, the enclosure is at 71% humidity.
One of the issues that I am struggling with is how to regulate my current heat light. I attempted to use a dimming thermostat, but since the heat source is a light, the thermostat would never switch into night mode shutting the light off. I currently have a different thermostat connected, but I can’t figure out what I need that will have a timer AND a thermostat to regulate my light. However, I obviously don’t want my light to come on if the night time temp drops below 80F. I considered the use of a CHE but the manufacturer(Toad Ranch) stated on their site that CHE aren’t recommended in closed chambers. Any thoughts on that? I have another ceramic fixture inside the enclosure but it is on the opposite side as my current hot side. I am not overly concerned about night temps though because my house never goes below 74F.
I suppose my main questions are, what do you think about my current temps/humidity? Do I need a thermostat for the daytime heat/basking light or is a timer sufficient? If so, is there a thermostat that works with a light that can be programmed to go off at night? Any other tips or suggestions for my enclosure? Thanks!! 9F19C5E7-5756-4AC1-96BE-49DA81DB0721.jpeg 59E94334-0C67-42ED-98D7-8295ECD75FC2.jpeg


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Sep 6, 2011
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Dont use sand or moss they both cause impaction problems and the moss can also get tangled around limbs or neck.
Che can be used in closed chambers. Lights out at night with a timer and che or two on all the time or if only needed at night.
Read our caresheets and Tom's closed chamber threads.
Humidity needs to get upto 80% and basking 95-100.
Add a hide if there isnt one. I also don't see the temp/humidity gauge. Get digital from hardware stores or home depot also pickup a temp gun.