Bad tortoise experience


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Jun 26, 2008
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I appreciate the responses on this. Like I said, I have been unable to find any B grade tortoises shipped to Texas (where the OP profile says she's from) and none of the only names I have to search on.... If a tortoise we shipped actually did die within 2 weeks and was in a proper setup, we would have taken care of it and it wouldn't have gotten this far, even though we have a 1 week guarantee, we would extend that if the customer was giving it an honest effort to do things right. That's why I don't think this is my customer, as well as saying it was beat up. I don't even know what that means, but all our babies are clean and beautiful and this year nothing is more than 1-2 months old, so it's not like there's leftover rough tortoises sitting here for sale. I don't understand this, but I appreciate the understanding from all of you that this likely wasn't ours.

We do get emails from people saying the redfoot (or whatever) that they just got has died and they want a replacement, when we hadn't sold a redfoot in 4 months. People get confused. Same with reptile expos, people will buy from another vendor and email us a few days later that it died and they want a refund, and then they present a receipt from another vendor.

Thanks again @Tom and others for the good words!


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Jun 25, 2014
I was just made aware of this thread (thanks)! Looking through my orders, I don't have a "Sara" or a last name "Cheri" in many many months.... I went through all orders to Texas in the last few months, and there was none with a B grade (split scute) tortoise at all. I have never been contacted about this, and we would not have sent anything beat up at all, B grade simply means it has irregular scutes, not bad health. I'm assuming this post is about a different company. If not, I would love to see a name or invoice number so I can look into it further.

I didn't believe it for a minute, Tyler.

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