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Sep 11, 2018
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I am looking for some advice as this is something ive never experienced before. I went to check on my horsefield to make sure he was okay as you do and I noticed that I could hear an expell of air coming from his nostrils. I cant usually hear him breathe, but I can hear this and it was enough to make me notice. He is not breathing through his mouth, there is no runny nose or bubbles from it and he still seems his usual self.

I recently changed his substrate to coco coir - this is of course more damp that the top soil he used to have. Ive noticed as well that the shaded area he has is around 24°c/76°F and the coco coir there feels quite cold to the touch. His basking spot is usually 32-33°c/89°F.

Im not sure of humidity levels as his humidity reader does not work anymore -I need to get a new one.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, I worry he isnt well.

Thanks x

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