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Egg sizes for a few tortoises...


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Jan 17, 2012
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Sacramento, CA (Central Valley)
I hatched my first tortoise in 1982. It was a clutch of 3 G berlandieri. That was almost 38 years ago, but the delight of watching tortoises hatch is still the same today.

Right now in my incubator I have some Sulcata eggs hatching as well as my first clutch of the season of Burmese Stars are hatching. Seeing them together gives and interesting comparison of egg sizes. I also am incubating some Galapagos eggs and now seeing them next to those eggs is amazing. So I thought it would be of interest to share the differences in simple appearance.

I place the eggs together in the same shelf on one of my incubators for the picture. They are kept in different incubators with different temperatures and Day/Night drops depending upon species and desired sex ratios. So this juxtaposition is for photo op only.

Burmese eggs normally weigh in the 25g-35g range.
Sulcata eggs are normally in the 50g-55g range.
These Galapagos eggs are in the 95g-100g range.

You can see 3 of the Burmese have pipped just this morning.
2 of the Sulcata are now out of the egg and ready for brooder box.
Galapagos aren't due until May.



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Sep 6, 2011
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Chicago, Illinois, USA
Nice comparison. Can't wait too see the Galapagos hatch.
I dont miss my leopards laying in the colder fall nights, but I do miss waiting for little ones too hatch.

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