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Jul 12, 2019
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Has anyone ever heard of feeding their tortoise hibiscus powder, and if so, was it beneficial for your tort? The area we currently live in is very seasonal for hibiscus flowers, and we were wondering if it would be worth while for us to purchase the powder and give our tortoises a sprinkle every once in awhile

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Nov 7, 2012
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I use and sell hibiscus. It creates a higher nutrient density and offer color and flavor (odor) variety. I moisten it over night in water, and then tossed it into the salad. The water left over can be used to moisten, and flavor any pelleted food you use. I use ZooMed, but it also works with Mazuri.

https://kapidolofarms.com/161-2/ . I will announce an August special soon that will include USDA organic sourced hibiscus and ZooMed grassland diet in a combination, for the very purpose of using the water from the soaking to moisten the ZooMed pellets. That will be later today.

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