How I researched to establish caresheet..


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Nov 24, 2014
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So far I don't recall mentioning Red-foot Nerd at any point in this thread. At least not in a negative way.

But in answer to your question yes, speaking in absolutes---saying that 'this is the only way to achieve natural looking captive raised tortoise' or 'you must follow my direction or your tortoises will look screwed up' and things like that, is misleading simply because such statements aren't true. It also puts an unnecessary fear into a new keepers head.
Many, many keepers have achieved perfectly natural looking captive raised tortoises without following any specific care sheet directive--either Red-foot Nerd's or anyone elses. But I would quickly add that care sheets can be, and generally are beneficial.
I agree totally, there is always more than one way to achieve the same result.
However there are certain areas that when someone shows exactly how they did it, it is comforting for the newbie.

Reds eat just about anything, the combinations of dietary method is quite daunting to the newbie. This aspect of redfoot keeping outways most other species regarding options. If I had a panda the diet would be spot on, it only eats bamboo.(I think)
I've had my juvies for about 17months now, I thumbled through trying to work out what diet In what proportions is the best. Im finally set on a routine. Is it right, I don't know until I see the results in years to come.
Now, if I had seen redfootnerds method on feeding which is quite specific in what and when to feed, it would have cut out a lot of experimenting on my part. I've no doubt at all that you or other experts have slightly different feeding methods.
All these different and correct methods of feeding would help a newbie immensely.
Just a long list of ok foods is good, but does not help with quantities.


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Oct 21, 2014
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When I started reading up on redfoots, I created my own caresheet, based on what I read on the forum and different websites, and based on the redfoots natural habitat. It is in Dutch, so no point in sharing it with you :)
What I did is write down their needs (e.g. heat, UVb light, humidity, food) and then the different methods to achieve those needs. I then picked the methods that suited me best in my environment, country, budget, etc. Maybe this would be a nice setup for a caresheet? You can even add arguments for different methods (e.g. pro's and cons of a humidifier), this might make it easier for new owners to choose.
If I have some time left I'm willing to translate my caresheet to English, and you can all react to it? It is among others based on the website of @Redfoot NERD, Tortoise Library and the forum, so hopefully it's not complete rubbish :) My redfoot thrives anyway...

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