Lighting/Heating for Redfoot Hatchlings


Jun 7, 2015
I'd like to know what you all are using for lighting and heating for Redfoot hatchlings (after their 7-10 day stay in the incubator brooder box).

Most advice I've read online for Redfoot hatchlings is nearly the same for the container size, substrate and humidity but I'm finding different recommendations for lighting and heating. Some recommend a UV heat lamp plus a 30 watt heating pad under part of enclosure, others recommend a 100 watt Flood plus a 100 watt CHE, and another recommendation I've read is an 18" fluorescent plus CHE in a warm room. AND I've read no UVB is required for the first 6 months.

Could anyone help me sort this out? I have some building blocks but don't know how to arrange them. lol OR I may need more building blocks.

I'm sure we all want the same - healthy, smooth tortoises. I guess there are different ways of arriving there by finding what works best over the years? I would like copy what what has produced great results for you all.

Any recommendations and/or photos would be amazing. :) Thanks so much!

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