Looking for a healthy/beautiful leopard?

Romeo Serback

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Oct 27, 2015
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New Jersey
If you're looking for a healthy and beautiful leopard tortoise, I would recommend ELOHI (Monica). I got this beautiful one from her and I couldn't be happier! She sent me pictures of the little ones and I picked the exact one I wanted. She is not one of those fly by night breeders that you would see at reptile shows. She raises her babies in closed chambers until they're sent to their new forever homes. If you're not familiar with "closed chambers" it's the typical environment that the babies in their native lands of Africa are born. It's usually rainy and swampy and humid (the way they prefer it). Not all breeders do this! All of her babies are beautiful too and the mother is on site as well, so you have an idea what your leopard would look like in the future. And the best part is that Monica will even answer any and all questions that you have, and I had a lot! In closing, if you get one from Monica, you WILL NOT be disappointed! If I were to get another leopard or two, I will not hesitate to go through her. In the meantime check out her babies, BEANS and FRECKLES and tell me they're not beautiful. Those are the moms! Enclosed pictures are of my Casper that I got from her. Again, you will not be disappointed with her tortoises. Thank you Monica!!!! Keep up the great work!!! (Yvonne, I couldn't find the reviews section or reputable breeders section, so hopefully you can redirect this there) I'm still learning how to navigate.