my hermanns tortoise is not active


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Jun 13, 2018
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my hermann's tortoise hasnt been active for a couple of weeks.. at this time of the year she always roams and is very active, wakes up around 9am or earlier. but not this time. now she sleeps almost all day, doesnt even go to the lamp just hides in her house. when i let her out she walks a little bit but not like other summers (she used to walk around the house all the time for hours now she just goes to one place and sits there until fell asleep). she eats okay though, even more than sometimes but i have to feed her (she rarely eats by herself so we almost always feed her). its very hot right now where i live, especially in our home. can this have an effect on her? (it was hot every summer before this one and she was ok) also, i havent seen her drink by herself, only when we soak her but we always wash the food and the food itself is very wet (cucumbers etc). also, she breaths heavily, sometimes looks like she have hiccups and whistle.
maybe someone knows what is up with her and can help? any help would be really appreciated. im very scared something is wrong with her :(
thank you :(


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Jun 10, 2017
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Sounds like a respiratory infection possibly. Also what do you mean by feed her? Like hand feed her?

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