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May 6, 2021
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El Cajon
Hello Forum!

I come back to introduce a new tort!

Originally, I had a long post introducing my leopard tortoise trio (Bobcat, Jaguar, and Cougar). Since then, I've added a brand new Russian to the family! Don't worry, she is not being housed with the leopard's, she's two big and never cohab different species! Her name is Suki and she's a good sized 4 inch female Russian tortoise. I was told she was captive bred and hatched in 2018. I got her from Pacific Chelonians on Morph Market. She has little black and brown in her shell and tons of "white" even though it appears more like a yellow. I love my young leopards but could not engage with them much being they're too small to handle. Thus, I pursued a larger, more mature tortoise that I could actively interact with leading me to adding Suki to my growing tort family!

She is being kept in an outdoor enclosure I created specifically for her. She now resides in a 4'x2' metal trough. I placed a 10" terra cotta saucer in to function as a water dish, a hallowed out wooden half log as a hide, a cuttlebone, some rocks to climb on, and a flat feeding stone that coincidentally seems to also function part-time as her toilet. Anyways, the substrate is about 6" of coco coir and orchid bark which gives her ample room to burrow which seems to be her favorite hobby. She has access to sunlight every day but also a shaded side whenever she needs. I also constructed a custom screen lid to keep any predators out. Today, I dumped in some isopods and I'd say her enclosure's complete!

Anyways, I introduce you all my Russian tortoise, Suki!



IMG_0495.jpg IMG_0498.jpg IMG_0524.jpg

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