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Oct 12, 2023
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hey guys so i have been organically growing some spiderplants lemon balm and other plants for my redfoots enclosure, im just concerned that my 24w T5 uvb light will not be enough to keep plants alive is there any led lights i can safely use in my enclosure for my plants to grow ? they do not get any natural light when placed n enclosure hence why i need the lights

ps is this any good or will it hurt my tort :) ???


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Jul 16, 2014
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I don't think that an LED plant light would bother a Redfoot. And an LED won't mess with the temperature either.
I just have very little experience with plant lights in general.
But if someone can point you in the right direction of which one to get, try it

I've never had much luck growing plants in a Redfoot enclosure. The plants usually get trampled flat before they can be helped by any light.

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Aug 21, 2023
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On some other, similar, threads Tom recommended to get usual LED strip lights from hardware stores with color temperature around 6500K. This one have color temperature of 4500K - it's more "warm" (yellowish) light, but probably okay.
If to go fancy - there is Arcadia Jungle Down LED strip.

UVB lamp alone is not enough for plants. And should not be the only light source for the tortoise as well (and to be on for the whole day). Do you have any other lights?

8W lamp might not be bright enough for a larger enclosure (even for Redfoots, who prefer shaded areas) so you may opt for two... And even put them on different timers..

Special plant grow LED lights from gardening centers might have red, purple and blue LEDs inside, they could affect tortoise vision - better to stick to lights designed for humans and reptiles.

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