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Oct 3, 2020
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To keep this short and sweet, I weigh my Russian Tortoise named Sprout (age unknown) every month. On August 23rd he was 433g and on September 27th he weighed 395g. I just weighed him again (October 3rd) and he is down to 388g. That means he lost a total of 45g in 5 weeks.
Nothing has changed in his care, but for the past week he hasn’t been eating, or is only eating very little. He pooped on the 24th and the 30th, so I don’t think he is impacted. What should I do? I called the vet but the soonest they can get me in is November 3rd, a month from today.

Extra background info:
I have had Sprout since April 2020. This happened once before (he lost 33g between May and June) but he quickly gained the weight back. I suspected at that time that he was dehydrated because I had been feeding him spinach and didn’t realize it was giving him diarrhea (at the time I didn’t know it was bad for reptiles). He is kept on forest floor cypress mulch with a heat bulb and UVB lamp. He is fed dandelion greens, kale, romaine lettuce, and collard greens. He is soaked twice a week. He has a 3ftx1.5ft tortoise box and has access to free roam a 10ftx10ft tortoise-proofed bedroom. I got him from a pet store that was not taking good care of him, so I don’t know his age.


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