1. U

    Identify Tortoise Before Adopting?

    Hi! I’m brand new here. A family member is looking for a new home for their tortoise, and I am considering adopting it. They are unsure of the type of tortoise this is and I was hoping someone on this forum might be able to provide more info that would help me research care info more specific to...
  2. L

    Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Tortoise?

    This tortoise is believed to be either a Greek or Hermann tortoise but unsure as cant find spurs on thighs or tail. The tortoise is about 9inches long and has lived for over 50years. If anyone is able to give any information on this little guy (not just its breed) that would be great!!
  3. T

    New turtle/tortoise

    I got this turtle from a friend. I am kind new to owning a turtle. I had a red eared slider years ago. Does anyone know what kind these two are?
  4. K

    need help ID'ing tortoise (written on + holes?)

    first time posting so i dont know if im doing this right, hi! I live in northeast Oklahoma and this little guy walked by my window. I saw this blob of bright red on his shell, so I went to check on him in case it was a wound. it turned out to just be marker. I don't know if he's some kid's...
  5. D

    Adopted new daughters with big scar, and strange Toes

    Hi folks, I adopted this beautiful lady a couple of months back. Appreciate your help on a few things: Identification: have three Greek tortoises, but this doesn’t look anything like them; any guesses on breed and age? The gash: There’s a big white scar running across her shell, but it is...
  6. Turtwig the tortoise

    Tortoise Species identification

    Hiiii, I adopted a tortoise 5 months ago , but i can’t identify what species they are.
  7. J

    Hermann’as or Russian?

    I just got this guy(or girl). It was abandoned at a friend’s house by some people that moved. She knows nothing about it. Because Herman’s and Russians have different enclosures and diets, I want to do what is right. Thanks in advance.
  8. kitsune_4242564

    Help identify what tortoise I have please

    This is Chibi, I recently took them in and I’ve been losing my mind over what species of tortoise they are and if theyre male or female. I live in California and I know some types need a permit to own. I would love to have a life long friend. I apologize for the poor measurements, they don’t...
  9. C

    Help identifying a young tortoise

    Hi everyone, last night we were rather randomly gifted a young tortoise who I took on primarily because I was concerned what would happen to it if I hadn't. Lots of experience with unusual pets but none with tortoises specifically, and based in internet pics I'm struggling to figure out exactly...
  10. nightoff

    Need ID for found tortoise

    A tortoise was found in my neighborhood and I would like to know what type it is so that it is fed and taken care of properly if the owner is not found. Please take a look and idea if you can. Thanks
  11. I

    New tortoise owner to be, can you ID ?

    Hi everyone, I’m rehoming a tortoise and so i can do my research can you help ID this tortoise. I know it’s beak is over grown.
  12. L

    Species Identification

    Hello all! I am currently poised to inherit my grandfather's tortoise and want to ensure that I know his species and proper care before I take him in. I have attached images below. Unfortunately I know very little about his care... all that I know is that the tortoise is, at the very least, 60...
  13. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    Can I sex my tortoises?

    Hi I have two marginated tortoises, they are both 3 years old and about 5-6 inches long. Can I sex them? If so here are some pics. Thanks!
  14. A

    Tortoise Identification Help

    I recently found a tortoise, but I’m unsure about what exact species it is. I would appreciate anyone’s help in identifying it, so I can then figure out what diet is best to feed my new pet. Thank you!
  15. H

    Help identifying tortoise

    Hi everyone- I found this tortoise in my yard. Can you help me identify what species it is? from my online research I think it's a sulcata? its pretty small (8 inches long) so most likely a baby?
  16. D

    ID and healthcheck for adoptees please

    Hi! Adopted this male & female pair last week (I was told they are Hermanns). Previous owner only fed them lettuce. He’s had them for 2 years and says they’re 4 years old. They get a along very well (I know I know) and have been trying to mate. Both are active with healthy behavior. It’s hot...
  17. C

    Identification help

    Can anybody kind enough please help identify my 5 tortoises. Last week one of the males went to the vets about a prolapse and had an operation and he thinks he could be Egyptian but I think they are too dark, they are all 5years old
  18. EddieAndHannah

    Is this shepherds purse?

    Is this shepherds purse? I used the google plant identification and it says it is but I know it’s not always right and I don’t wanna risk it, I’m absolutely horrible at identifying plants so I’m asking here ? it’s just a piece of it as I’ve already cut all the leaves and washed it. I also think...
  19. M

    Identification please

    Hi All, As a child I had a mature Horsfield tortoise and always wanted a pet tortoise with my kids. I love them, but confess to being a novice. Completely out of the blue and with no prior warning my farther-in-law bought his grandchildren a tortoise for Christmas. He doesn’t know the...
  20. J


    Recently got these guys but am unsure as to what type of tortoises they are. Want to get the care right so need advice on temps etc asap. Thanks!