1. Gat3rJak

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Michael and I'm brand new to the world of tortoises. I'm literally a stage 0 person because I don't currently have a tortoise and have never owned one in the past. I do love tortoises though and just haven't really been in a position to adopt one until now. I'm looking...
  2. M

    Very Abnormal Shelled Sulcata Hatchling- First Post

    For as long as I can remember I’ve liked turtles and tortoises, and as a kid owned two red eared sliders. Now as a teenager I have two sulcata hatchlings, one with a very abnormal scute count, anus, and tail named uzi, and one completely healthy named panzer. Uzi has a hard time pooping usually...
  3. Dankneepowpow

    Introducing new tortoises to each other

    Hello Forum, I am a proud owner of a thriving ~4 month old redfoot named Chevy. Chevy was off to a rough start due to some negligence from the breeder I got her from but with help from the forum Chevy has been growing and is extremely healthy. Her enclosure is set up with everything she needs...
  4. MomoDontKnow

    Hello from BC

    Just saying Hey from myself, I go by Momo or MomoDontKnow and this is my lil Tomato in a soak! I'm a first time Tortoise owner, I look forward to seeing and chatting with everyone here over the next while! (I made a post on here prior, but I wanted to make one of these before my next actual...
  5. S

    First time tortoise owner here

    Hello, Glad to be here on this forum... I have one sulcata tortoise thats 3 and a half, Bobby. Hes my first tortoise, so im just learning and researching how to care for him and if im doing it right. Im in school and i dont have a job so im trying to make it work. I registered here to...
  6. Kim&Tim


    My name is Kimberley and my five year old Horsfield is Tim, Timmie aka little hooligan. I have Timmie since January and he's a rescue. He's had a bad life, he was bred in the Netherlands in 2015 where I'm from and sold to people who kept him in horrible conditions. He lived in 12 inch by 12 inch...
  7. westernstar

    Meet Panzer, the Sulcata Tortoise!

    I've been on the forum for a few months now and thought it to be high time that I introduce my little one. As s/he's so young, I don't know and won't know the gender for a long time, so for the purpose of making life simple in typing, I'm going to use the gender-neutral "he" until I know...
  8. LifewithFrank

    I introduce our curious boiii Franklin

    Hello everyone my name is Cassie, Thank you for having this amazing forum, My fiance Marcus and I have not had an account, but have used it a ton since as we got our baby Russian Tortoise Franklin in 2018. Just as a background information, we have currently two enclosures one indoor and one...
  9. R

    New Member Introduction

    Hey everyone! I’m new on here and I just wanted to introduce myself. My wife and I are committed to getting a Russian tortoise soon. We have done a lot of research on taking care of them and housing them and we are willing to spend the money to help our future tortoise live a long and healthy...
  10. whortoise

    New Tortoise Owner

    Hello all, I'm a new tortoise owner from California. I'm about to get my first Russian tortoise in a couple days. Its about 3 months old. I'm a little nervous because it's so young, but I have all the heaters and lights for the humidity and temperature, which is one of my biggest worries...
  11. P

    Hey there

    Hi! I'm Brandon.I'm 27 and from eastern Ohio. I have a leopard tortoise named Freyja and a redfoot named Spock. I love reptiles in general and have owned quite a few. I hope to get to know some of you and learn what I can from all of you :)
  12. R

    Hello from SC Russian Tort Caretaker & Family!

    Hi, I've joined to glean lots of information from all of you other reptile lovers. I have been taking cared of exotic animals of all sorts, as an informal educator (& animal lover, of course), since 2003. Recently, one of the science centers I used to work for had to close operations, and I was...
  13. K

    Hello everyone, this is Klaus, and his cherry head RFT

    Hello everyone, My name is Klaus, I'm living California. I should have introduced myself earlier, but I did not check the inbox from TortoiseForm, I was too anxious to ask my question for my RFT. I start my reptiles last year August, I began with the two spotted turtle baby I purchased...
  14. R

    Meet Me, ReptilianEmoChild

    Hi, I'm Noah, or ReptilianEmoChild. I am from Arizona and I am in the process of adopting a desert tortoise from the Game and Fish department. I am young and new to owning reptiles so I will be perusing this site often and asking many questions if they haven't been asked already.
  15. A

    Introduction - Soon to be Russian Tortoise Owner

    Hello All! My name is Jason, and my fiance and I are planning on purchasing a russian tortoise within the next couple of months. Right now we are in the research/prepare phase. So far we've purchased the enclosure, and enclosure stand. Next we plan to get the accessories (lamps, substrate...
  16. gneesy

    Dark Lord Voldetort

    Hi all! I am new to the tortoise parent life, here is my 7-month old Eastern Hermann's tortoise, Lord Voldetort. We hail from central California, where it's super hot and dry in the summer. This forum has already been SUCH a great resource! I hope to continue learning and providing the little...
  17. M


    Hi Everyone, Just introducing myself. I've always loved turtles and tortoises and now that I am finishing school and have my own place I figured now is the perfect time to get one. I have my eyes on a Chinese Box Turtle who needs a home but I also love Eastern Box Turtles. I posted a question...
  18. Kelmeeshell

    Introducing Tortellini

    Hi all! I’m Kelcie - 24, female, resident of Indiana USA and a new tortoise mom. His name is Tortellini and he’s a Russian tortoise I got a few days ago. I think he’s settling in well but I’m a little nervous as he’s my first tortoise and my first reptile I’ve had since childhood. I’m welcome to...
  19. AllieKat1997

    Hello From Missouri

    Well, technically I’ve been here for awhile, but I never introduced myself or my tortoise, Lumos. I’ve been passionate about animals all my life but box turtles were always my favorite, and after years and years of hunting the woods for them, and years and years of adoring them, I said screw...
  20. Houdini Hutchings


    Hi my name is Sally, I live in the UK. I recently got a Tortoise who is called Houdini. I am excited about making friends with people who have pet Tortoises too. And gaining more knowledge and sharing stories about our pets and just to be apart of a community. I look forward to speaking with...