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red footed tortoise

  1. AT-JeffT

    Hello and Thank You, A First Time Tortoise Keeper

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and Arlo the yellow footed tortoise, but mostly say thank you to the community because it wasn't smooth sailing from the get go. I'll share my story and how the community has helped immensely. The journey actually begins with neither myself or Arlo...
  2. B

    How to tell the sex of a red foot tortoise

    Hi i have a 5 month old red foot tortoise i am finding it hard to find out the sex i have a few pics of my red foot tortoise if you want to look you self and if you can't find out the sex of my red foot tortoise how old will she/he need to be to sex her/him and one more thing i am getting more...
  3. B

    Is my red foot tortoise pyramiding?

    Hi i got a red foot tortoise it is 5 months old but i am new to tortoises it is my first tortoise could you tell me if my tortoise is stating to pyramid or that is ok like that is normal for a baby red foot tortoise i have a few pic of my tortoise if you want to look and see if he is starting...
  4. Neris

    Enclosure cleanup

    Hello all! I'm looking for some advice on cleaning my RF enclosure. We have a glass enclosure with doors that open on the front. We've had the same substrate since we got Leo back in November, and I'm planning on throwing out all the substrate, cleaning everything up and replace it with new...
  5. Cinnawho

    Hows Daisy looking?

    Hi I wanted some opinions on how Daisy the yearling redfoot tortoise is looking? :)
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  7. Cinnawho

    Should I be worried?

    Good evening everyone, Im currently as happy as can be with Daisy my red foot tortoise but the other day while i was bathing/soaking her I noticed this whitish mark on her right foot and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is and whether or not i should be worried. Thank you so much
  8. H

    New member and new tortoise owner

    Hello, and thanks for the invite. I'm a new tortoise owner and have never had one before so may need some advice from all of you. Recently was given 2 Russian tortoise, 1 male 1 female and 3 Redfoot tortoise , 1 male 2 female. I am currently in the process of building outdoor enclosures for...
  9. V

    Red foot tortoise enclosure and lighting

    I have a 6 year old red foot tortoise and I'm upgrading her tortoise table, I'm stuck between a table and a vivarium, I know everyone says a table is better and a vivarium can stress tortoises out but vivarium can keep the humidity in. What type of heat bulb would you guys recommend? I made a...
  10. M

    New England Tortoise Dad

    Hello! I'm Jacob and, with my better half, I am the proud parent of two rescue tortoises. We have an adult Red Foot named the Tortoise (pronounced with a French accent) and a Lil Russian named Sheldon. I'm always up to talk about people's best practices for keeping Tortoises happy year round...
  11. M

    Looking for Female, Adult Redfoot.

    Hello, my partner and I adopted/rescued a male redfoot last August who, after a round of antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection is doing great and has been given a clean bill of health. He is, additionally, EXTREMELY social (will try and crawl up a persons legs when they sit on the couch...
  12. wonderfulwildlife

    Is a CHE the best heat source for a red foot hatchling indoors?

    Is a CRE the best heat source for a red foot hatchling indoors? My dad wants to know why the CRE is better than a infrared heat bulb because he’s worried that the bulb itself gets so hot. Are the mercury vapor bulbs okay for a RF hatchling? I’ve heard RFs don’t like too much light which is why...
  13. wonderfulwildlife

    Red foot hatchling bedding depth & ventilation

    How deep should the bedding be for a RF hatchling & how deep of an enclosure should I have indoors (so it can’t escape)? I’ve heard they should have 4-5 inches of bedding (I plan on using clean potting soil with red mulch & sphagnum moss). Is any container too deep that it prevents air flow or...
  14. Yoshiredfoot

    Redfoot advice

    Hello, I am new on this site. Recently (beginning of November) I bought a redfoot. His name is Yoshi. I have been learning as much as I can about him. Recently he has been having trouble opening his eyes and isn't really eating ( not even strawberries--his favorite). I am concerned about him...
  15. Jnics10

    Aggression/Change in Personality

    Ugh, for some reason I'm getting kicked out every time I try to post... Anyway, I'm heartbroken because my Red-footed best friend Tyrus has gone from being nicknamed "cuddletort" to "the angry baby" It all started a couple months ago when he was still super friendly and cuddly, but started...