red footed tortoise

  1. C

    Leopard tortoise vs red footed tortoise

    Hello everyone! I am new on this forum :) . Currently I’m looking to get my first tortoise (already have a few other reptiles). However I cannot decide on which tortoise to get. I want a tortoise that gets a little bigger than for example the Greek tortoise. Therefore I am stuck between a red...
  2. K

    White spots on shell? Help!

    Hi there! I’m a new red(yellow?) foot owner. I’ve had Tortilla for going on three weeks now. Thursday while soaking I noticed these white spots on their shell. I’m not sure what they are because it’s not chipped. After looking back at pictures Tortilla had them when we first got him as well...
  3. X

    Yellowfoot or redfoot tortoise?

    I recently found this turtle in my yard so I did some research and discovered that it could either be a redfoot or yellowfoot tortoise. Can someone please tell me which one it is or if it’s a different kind?
  4. G

    Seeking red-foot owners worldwide for research! (update)

    Hello everyone, I'm sharing this far and wide across the Internet to try and reach as many red-footed tortoise owners as physically possible. I'm currently undertaking a master's level research project looking at links between how owners perceive the cognitive abilities of their tortoise and...
  5. Z

    Tiny bugs in tortoise enclosure?

    So recently I've noticed some tiny bugs crawling around in my red footed tortoise cage. I've checked my Tortoise's entire body thoroughly a few times and have never seen any on him except for an occasional one or two crawling on his shell. Other than that they usually are around his water dish...
  6. M

    Red vs Yellow Footed Tortoise

    Hey guys I can’t decide between getting a red footed tortoise or a yellow footed tortoise. So I was wondering if anyone could give me the pros and cons of each one and which one you prefer. Another question I have is I’ve read that red footed are more sociable than yellow footed and I was just...
  7. M


    I live in Buffalo, New York and my little man, Kimchi (red footed tortoise) who is only 2 years old is stuck under a lamp with no natural sunlight for up to 8 months, sometimes. Are there any vitamins you recommend for him? He needs vitamins D and C and I feed him spring mix or kale with the...
  8. apecares

    Rehoming a Red Footed Tortoise

    I am looking to rehome a female red-footed tortoise. I took her in May 2018 from a terrible situation. The previous owners (a relative of my boyfriend) had her in a 10 gallon aquarium and their dog had already attacked her. They were threatening to just let her go in the yard. I took her...
  9. Z

    Is this a good bulb?

    Does anyone know if this is a good bulb for my Red Footed Tortoise? Will it do everything my tortoise needs?
  10. Mrs_Gal1981

    Help creating a Diet menu for Cherry Head

    Hello, so it's been 5 days since we brought our cherry head red foot home and I need help creating a loose diet menu for him. He is about 5" long, we think (not sure when he hatched) that he is 2ish years old. We have him in an outdoor enclosure in warm and humid -atm- South Texas. I printed a...
  11. A

    my new aprox 2 month old tortoise isn’t drinking

    Hi, I just got a red footed tortoise 4 days ago and it’s aprox 2 months old and 3 inches long, Igs been sleeping a lot hasn’t eaten a whole lot but still is. I haven’t seen him poop nor pee as well as drink. I don’t know if this is normal for a new baby but i just want to make sure everything’s...
  12. K

    Need so tips

    I’m new to owning a red foot I need help is there and specific thing I need for his enclosure (I have the basics so far) This is his enclosure right now
  13. T

    White patches on legs of Red footed tortoise?

    Hi guys, new to these forums. Just made an account to ask for some advice regarding some white patches on one of my baby red foots legs, He’s happy and healthy enough, but I’ve noticed when soaking him in a bath a couple months back that he has some peculiar white patches on one of his legs? Is...
  14. shana1502

    I’m worried my tortoise is sick ☹️

    I got a baby red foot, he’s just almost 5 months old. Few days ago I noticed a pinkish thing on his shell, just under his front legs (thought it was just from strawberries). I’m worried coz all I read online is it could be infection. Been trying to observe him, his appetite is still the same, he...
  15. Autiwara

    New closed chamber enclosure! Help with fluroescent uvb light

    My mom asked a good friend of hers if he could help us build the enclosure I drew for my red foot tortoise and he worked on it with a friend of his on their spare time and they REALLY pulled through!! Originally my sister and I would build it... imagine how that would turn out with no experience...
  16. AT-JeffT

    Hello and Thank You, A First Time Tortoise Keeper

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and Arlo the yellow footed tortoise, but mostly say thank you to the community because it wasn't smooth sailing from the get go. I'll share my story and how the community has helped immensely. The journey actually begins with neither myself or Arlo...
  17. B

    How to tell the sex of a red foot tortoise

    Hi i have a 5 month old red foot tortoise i am finding it hard to find out the sex i have a few pics of my red foot tortoise if you want to look you self and if you can't find out the sex of my red foot tortoise how old will she/he need to be to sex her/him and one more thing i am getting more...
  18. B

    Is my red foot tortoise pyramiding?

    Hi i got a red foot tortoise it is 5 months old but i am new to tortoises it is my first tortoise could you tell me if my tortoise is stating to pyramid or that is ok like that is normal for a baby red foot tortoise i have a few pic of my tortoise if you want to look and see if he is starting...
  19. Neris

    Enclosure cleanup

    Hello all! I'm looking for some advice on cleaning my RF enclosure. We have a glass enclosure with doors that open on the front. We've had the same substrate since we got Leo back in November, and I'm planning on throwing out all the substrate, cleaning everything up and replace it with new...
  20. Cinnawho

    Hows Daisy looking?

    Hi I wanted some opinions on how Daisy the yearling redfoot tortoise is looking? :)