1. L

    Moving to Humboldt, rehoming Walter

    Hiya I’m Linda and we are moving from Los Angeles to Mckinleyville, CA. Walter is an 11 year old sulcata, super tame, I’ve had him since he was a hatchling. We love him too much to keep him inside all the time, and that would be his life in misty, chilly Humboldt. Ideas? Takers? Home visit...
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    Male or Female?
  3. reinierdays59

    Last pic 2021? happy new year!

    New year, new resolutions! Cheers, to further mutual successes and happiness in the new year?
  4. E

    Outdoor Sulcata Tortoise Enclosure Heating

    Hi All, I have two young Sulcatas (about 2 years old) that I have just introduced to being in their outdoor enclosure for the summer. Since winter is approaching, I need to add a heating element since the nights are slowly dropping in temp while I build a winter enclosure for them in an area...
  5. angelique9929

    How big should a three year old Suclata Tortoise be?

    I have a three year old Sulcata tortoise (may be a bit older but we've had her for three years) that I got when I was nine. I definitely was not the best tortoise owner only being nine years old. I may not be much older but I've definitely matured since then and realized my flaws in caretaking...
  6. D

    new sulcata tortoise owner

    hi everyone! so basically here is what's going on.. about a year or two ago a random person posted a sulcata tortoise on offer up, claiming it was someones pet roaming around and they were looking for a new home to care for it. my dad, knowing im a turtle/tortoise lover, decided to take in the...
  7. C

    New Sulcta bb

    Hi All! First time tort mom, and man am I thankful for all of these threads and info. Got my baby sulcata Herschel about a week ago. Learned a lot and really changed up my set up. High humidity, temp never below 80, orchid bark substrate, daily soaks UBV lamp and I have a infrared heating lamp...
  8. A

    Meet Shelldon. I am here for some advice.

    Hello all, my name is Aspyn, I am 18, and I live in Utah. I want to introduce Shelldon, and get some help and advice. Recently, my family has taken over care of Shelldon, a (turning) 4 year old African Sulcata. His prior owners have moved with him from California and have had him here in Utah...
  9. T

    How do I find my lost baby tortoise?

    My baby tortoise got lost when he was in my backyard but he is nowhere to be seen now. My sibling let him outside unsupervised for 2-3 hours and we’ve been searching for him since yesterday. He’s just a baby no more than 3 months. What should i do?? Im afraid he crawled through some hole in my...
  10. R

    Face peeling/drying up

    The face of my baby tortoises look like they’re drying up and peeling. Is this normal? It started around the mouth and is going up.
  11. K

    Help! burned shell

    Hello everyone, I need help on how to clean my Sulcata wounds. Like a year ago their house got on fire and the rest of them fled away from the fire but this one when I went, she was still the entrance of the house. She looked perfectly fine but after a week she started to show changes on her two...
  12. D

    Sulcata breathing loud at times

    Hi my 4 year old sulcata breathes heavy at times. We brought him inside for the winter and I'm not sure if I'm just pissing him off or if it could be an infection. If he sees me he will start breathing heavy if I spy on him he breathes fine. His nares are clear and dry. He is eating and having...
  13. Y

    New Baby Sulcata Owner

    I just bought a baby sulcata almost 4 days ago. He loves to sleep under his basking light, sleeps alost all day and definitely all night, and digs himself a hole when going to sleep at night rather than going into a hide he has. I have been feeding him Romain and trying to get him to eat " all...
  14. Sophiaa


    I have two baby sulcata tortoises and I’m going to be traveling to Vegas soon which is seven hours from where I live. So I am wondering if I could travel with my tortoises because I have no one to take care of them, and I would be gone for about a week. Also how would I make the traveling the...
  15. D

    Advice on which calcium to give my babies!

    I didn’t know which claim to supplement my babies with, and I was going to get the rep-cal, but I ended up purchasing the National Geographic Reptile Calcium supplement Powder. it has D3 since I keep them indoors most of the time. Before trying I just wanted to know any opinions if anyone has...
  16. D

    HELP! My tortoise looks sick.

    I’ve had my baby sulcata tortoise for about a year now and I haven’t seen much growth, and a few weeks ago we had a scare in which he wasn’t responding after we took him out of soaking him as we always do. He was weak and he had no control over his little legs or neck, but luckily he survived...