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Mar 15, 2010
today's not a good day! i can't seem to get the right uv, my hatchlings soft plastrons have been worrying me, thinking about the correct temps and humidity make me have ulcers... i can't get in to the right vet until APRIL 7TH, i'm about to go to greece for our 2 year anniversary on april 13th and i'm going to have to give my babies with soft plastrons and who-knows-what-else-will-be-wrong-by-that-time to my sister in law (she is AWESOME with reptiles, btw, it will just be upsetting for me to leave my torts and my daughter for two weeks!). tula has never had a problem once! i thought this was going to be easier than it is rihgt now. i had researched everything, i had their set up ready, i tested their temps, i thought i was making the best decision with their substrate and uv lighting............ and to top it all off, my realtor just called me and we can't find ANY LAND IN MANNFORD!! our current back yard is smaller than our house and the acreage we were going to buy got a contract the day before we put in our offer! and it's just all crashing down on me right now looking at my baby torts basking under their mvb bulb that makes noise!! and i should be SO excited to go to greece, i've wanted to go since i was in middle school and the first time i heard a greek mythology story and it should be so awesome but i'm going to be worried about my tortoises the whole time! and my husband's at a charity golf tournament, so i can't rant to him about it lol! so there it is... just a rant! ...... :(-

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Jan 23, 2008
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OMG, Rebekah! I know this seems like a lot is happening to you all at once, but for heaven's sake...CALM DOWN!!!!!

Hatchlings' plastrons do have a bit of a give to them for about the first 6 months. Just be sure they're getting the calcium and sunshine, artificial or real, and they should be fine. It also helps to add a few drops of liquid bird vitamins to their soaking water.

I'm sure your sister is going to take wonderful care of your family. Try not to worry.
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