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Sep 29, 2018
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I feel as though Aretha, an MEP hatchling who came to live with me last week, is doing well so far... eating, soaking, exploring the Vision 632 I've got her set up in.

She weighed 50g on arrival, and 6.4cm.

The temps in her enclosure have been cycling consistently: from 75 in the morning when the light first comes on to 83 in the afternoon when it goes off for the day... a cool/dark end of 72 to a warm/bright end (during light hours) of 92.

The RH in the enclosure has been in the range from 96% to 84%.

My questions:
  1. Should the temperature range hit higher highs and lower lows while cycling with the light/dark schedule?
  2. Should the enclosure have a broader temperature range from warm to cool end?
  3. Is the RH too high? (I have covered some of the vents, so could easily lower the rh)


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I've always kept the babies in an overall temperature of 80-85F degrees with a slight drop at night, and I don't measure the humidity. I just keep the substrate moist.

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In 2016 when I hatched many Mep, they were in an enclosure that pretty much maxed out the RH at all times. The temp ranged at the extremes of 105 to 58, the first year. More consistent was lows in the upper 60's to highs in the lower 90's, even more narrow for and sought was high 70's to high 80's. That was before I had insulated the garage, they were on a high shelf. There is always standing water in the substrate, they push down to it, so they spend most of their time partially submerged in saturated substrate.

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