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Sep 5, 2021
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I'm sure that this is not a new topic. But just want to warn others and not into the trap of losing a lot of money and not getting any tortoises at the end. And not let scammers get away with it.

Few accounts that are very very suspicious:
david_berkah:claims he has a farm and sells non-license radiated; steals others photos and claims that it his tortoises.

_scalesntails: the same owner as david_berkah; same website in profile, same photos (or account got stolen by David.)

turtlesandtortoises4sale: stealing others photos and claim it's their own tortoises. A private breeder they say.

I will keep updating this. Please add in the thread if you've come across any accounts as well.

Jan A

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Jan 9, 2021
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how i know turtlesandtortoises4sale is a scammer… they accidentally took my friend's radiated tortoises photos and told me it‘s theirs. better luck next time

There are no worse jobs than cold-calling unless it's these kinds of ads.

None of these tort ads are good for business, for tort owners or prospective tort owners who would be good owners.

Point them out wherever you see them. Tell your friends interested in getting a tort not to fall for these scams. Turn them in for false advertising.


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Jul 27, 2021
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They are everywhere, faunaclassifieds, twitter, facebook, everywhere. I've been messaged everywhere but here so far. This is why my radiated pictures all have a faint "not for sale" on each tortoise, not to give them even more photos.


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