horsefield tortoise dead?


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Jun 24, 2012
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The 1st vets I She just seemed to have changed over night.that's why she got took, she went every 6 month for a check up also. The woman who said she was in perfect health was experienced in reptiles. So I really don't know, I wish I did. I want it Investigating but I don't want no one hurting her, I don't want no one to touch her, I ended up burying her beside the rose bush. I felt it was the best thing to do, I sat outside for hours in the snow talking to her. I miss her alot, will herby (my other tortoise) know she has passed away? He looked at me today, then just walked into his house (it's strange to me) he keeps laying where she used to also. I said to my parents, I'm just glad if she was ill, she's no longer suffering and she's at peace now.

Thank you again and thank you for your ccomment
It'll get easier, she can never be replaced but you'll develop a special bond with Herby.
I'm sure he notices she's gone, but he doesn't feel what you do missing her. Tortoises generally prefer to be alone so he's probably just adjusting to actually having his own space.
And (and people probably wont agree with me on this) tortoises can sense your emotions just like a cat or dog can. Sometimes I take out my Nank to sit on my chest, or burrow behind my neck, whichever he prefers, but of the times I've done it when i'm feeling especially down or depressed, he's just stand on my chest head stretched out looking at me, almost like saying "its ok i'm here" and I know that's far fetched but its different behavior than days I was in a good mood. So he probably knows you're feeling especially down, again my experience and many on here probably don't agree with the possibility, but I know my Nank's normal.

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