Odin's playpen expansion


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Jan 5, 2013
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The juice bar is my favorite just because long after The Mighty one and my son move out, I will still have tasty treats and pretty plants! I am already looking forward to collecting all the rosehips when it is time, just for me! Jelly? Tea? Who knows!
The pumpkins were mostly luck. Three of them developed on the fence, far out of reach of the Mighty Beak, that 4th one though (in the pics), that is crazy. I don't know how he missed it! Oh, I also found two more yesterday, so we are up to 6! I really think it was largely because of the abundance. I planted 2 kinds of squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe, cucumbers and watermelon. He ate the cantaloupe and watermelon plants to the ground as soon as he found them, but the pumpkin, cucumber and squash all started climbing the trellises and fence and did it so quickly with all out rain and sun this year that even Odin couldn't stop them. (We have had dozens of cucumbers, more than we could eat). Plus, when everything started to get big he was less inclined to push through the jungle, so everything in the center got to flourish. I am going to see how the leaves and vines dry and add them to hay and other dried goodies for the winter, and of course I will cut up and freeze a pumpkin and a squash for treats. And I will be saving all the seeds I collect for the greenhouse and spring planting. I have already started collecting mallow and squash. It's going to be quit a haul!
I do believe I threw a few squash and cucumber seeds in Steve's garden this spring but they probably didn't have a chance with all the flowers growing! Way to go this season! :D Sounds like you'll have a lot of good seeds. Lucky, lucky Odin!